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Float 'Tails

Float 'Tails

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These gorgeous Rosemallows float on top our your drinks- plain soda water, cocktails, mocktails, liqueurs, juices enhancing and balancing the flavor of any drink. Watch them gorgeously float on your drink as you consume it. Float 'Tails themselves will soak in your  drink creating a delicious mallow-beverage melange to enjoy at the end. Click here to learn about float ‘tails & see our customers reactions 

Flavors available:

1. Honey Vanilla (any drink- lemonade, white wines, kahula, rum, light beers or cocktails)

2. Cranberry Cocoa  (vodka, red wine)

3. Caramelized Apple (rum, vodka, light beer, white wine)

4. SugarPlum Berry (vodka, light beer, white wine)

5. Gingerbread (bourbon, rum, vodka, dark beers, red wines)

6. Prickly Pear Jalapeno (Tequila, white wines, light beers or vodka)

7. Vegan Maple Cinnamon (red wine, kahula, spiced rum, tequila, whiskey/bourbon) 

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