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Mallow Truffles Garden Harvest (Ideal for Charcuterie Boards)

Mallow Truffles Garden Harvest (Ideal for Charcuterie Boards)

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A flight of 6 garden fruit and herb inspired themed mallow truffle flavors. A mix of sweet and savory they are gorgeous eaten on their own, or paired with cheese or wine. This sampler uses kosher fish gelatin, and is allergen free (no gluten, soy, dairy, egg, corn or nuts). Celiac safe.

Rosemallow Flavors Included (6 Flavors, shown in 1st photo, L-R, T-B


1. Peach-Raspberry: (slight crunch) delicious with Brie, goat cheese or fresh mozzerella

2. Fennel Flower-Honey: beautiful floral flavor, amazing with goat cheese or Brie

3. Spiced Grape compote: beautiful spices, similar to a spiced grape jam, perfect with Manchego

4. Lavender Honey: garden fresh lavender perfect for aged cheddar, goat cheese

5. Honey sage: lightly savory ideal for smoked gouda, fresh mozzarella

6. Spicy honey- a light kick from the nasturtium flower and fresh chili flakes- ideal for burrata, mozzarella or smoked gouda

6 Rosemallows- 1 of each flavor

12 Rosemallows- 2 of each flavor

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