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Rosemallow Artisanal

Mallow Truffle Mix

Mallow Truffle Mix

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Mallow Truffle Flavor Pairings! Choose from 4 different flavor combos to select your ideal mallow truffle flight.  Perfect eaten on their own or paired with cheese or a special drink. Our truffles are beyond scratch-- everything made in house, primarily grown in Rosemallow's gardens. Primarily organic ingredients; corn syrup free, Allergen free contains NO: nuts, gluten (celiac safe), soy, dairy, eggs. Made with kosher fish gelatin. 

Options (3 flavors included in each combo shown in 1st photo, L-R, T-B):

**Rosemallow Classics: Fresh Mint; Berry & Brown Sugar Vanilla

** Tropical Fun: Guava Berry; Topical Passion (Passionfruit, Kiwi), Prickly Pear Jalapeno

** Triple Berry Mix: Berry-Peach; Berry-Citrus; Cocoa-Berry

**Fresh from the Vine: Vineyard Grape (made from wine grapes, tastes like fresh grape, white wine & grape jam); Peach-Raspberry; Candied Ginger

** 12 flavors: get each flavor from the flights above

** Chef's Favorites: Let our Chef pick their favorite flavors 

6 Rosemallows- 1 of each flavor

12 Rosemallows- 2 of each flavor

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