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Mug Melts Festive Winter (VEGAN option available)

Mug Melts Festive Winter (VEGAN option available)

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Your morning routine will become much more interesting when your drinks are suddenly infused with flavors based on seasonally harvested fruits and homemade extracted spices. Rosemallow Mug Melts add a burst of fresh flavor to any warm beverage – plus completely safe and edible art!  Once you try Rosemallow Mug Melts, your warm beverages will never be quite the same!

Flavors available

  1. Gingerbread  (fresh ginger from our garden, organic molasses & winter spices) 

  2. Holiday Mint (fresh mint, organic cinnamon, vanilla, brown sugar- an elevated candy cane flavor)

  3. Vanilla Sugar Cookie (brown sugar-vanilla base)

  4. Orange Cocoa (organic citrus and delicious organic, fair trade cocoa) 

  5. Sugar Plum-Berry (fresh strawberry, raspberry & plum)

  6.  Maple Cinnamon (VEGAN-organic maple syrup, freshly ground cinnamon)


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